Recent Publication

My first sole-authored, peer-reviewed publication was recently published in a special issue of Poroi on the rhetoric of science. It is entitled “Meat My Hero: ‘I have a Dream’ of Living Language in the Work of Donna Haraway, Or, Ride ‘Em Cowboy!,” Poroi: Vol. 6: Iss. 2: p. 3-14, available at: .

I start the paper with inspiration from a favorite blog of mine,, and from a particular “fail” on that blog.

In the introduction to the special issue, the editor had this to say about my piece:

It is a well-known feature of rhetorical discourse that it treats examples as more than mere illustrations. It allows them to guide inquiry and, if they are compelling, to count as proofs. Rebecca Scott’s Meat My Hero explores a funny but telling example of a child’s mistake to explicate and commend Donna Haraway’s approach to science studies. Scott’s close analysis of the example makes the main points of Haraway’s approach clearer than they sometimes are in academic paraphrases, or, truth be told, her own writings. In its very clarity, Scott’s explication constitutes an argument on behalf of Haraway’s insights into the institutional folkways and value-laden commitments of science, especially its masculinist gender bias.

I’m eager to hear any comments or feedback you might have on the article.