Upcoming Conference: International Federation of Placenta Associations Annual Conference

I will be attending the International Federation of Placenta Associations annual conference, “Placenta, Predicting Future Health,” held in Geilo, Norway, from September 14th to September 17th. Last year, I attended the IFPA conference in Santiago, Chile, to conduct fieldwork for my study, “Laboratory Lives of Afterbirths: Placentas as Working Objects of Study,” which is a sociological investigation of placenta science. This year, I’ll be presenting the results of my study in both a poster and a plenary talk.

♦ Invited Plenary Talk: “‘It’s this all-singing, all dancing organ’: A Sociologist’s Perspective on how Placenta Scientists see the Placenta, their Science, and Themselves.”

♦ Poster: “A Sociology of Placenta Scientists: Towards Transdisciplinary Collaboration.”

I’m very excited to share my findings with conference delegates, some of whom contributed to my study, as well as to hear about the latest science on the placenta.

Remembering Jack Layton

Jack Layton, leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada, passed away today. It is a very sad day for Canada, as we have lost not only a tireless politician and staunch activist, but a great man. I can say that Jack Layton, being NDP party leader for my entire voting life, was the key to bringing my interest to politics. He gave me hope that there were different paths for Canada. His book, Homelessness: The Making and Unmaking of a Crisis, exposed me to public intellectualism at a crucial time in my life. His leadership during the most recent Canadian election seemed to single-handedly inspire renewed socially-progressive politics in our country. In all, I know I will miss Jack Layton.

Thank you, Jack Layton.