Peer Reviewed Articles

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Book Chapters

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Book Reviews

Yoshizawa, R.S. “Without Apology: Writings on Abortion in Canada by Shannon Stettner (book review). Studies in Social Justice. Available at:

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Published Abstracts

♦ Yoshizawa, Rebecca Scott, Maria José Duarte Osis, Simony Lira do Nascimento, Silvana Bento, Ana Carolina Godoy, Suelene Coelho, José Guilherme Cecatti. “Postpartum women’s perspectives on the donation of the placenta for scientific research in Campinas, Brazil.” Placenta, 34(9): A97.

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Graduate Journals

♦ Scott, Rebecca (2011) (graduate peer reviewed). “Tissue-Fragments.” McGill Sociological Review, (2): 4-18.

♦ Scott, Rebecca with Myra J. Hird (2009) “‘I started out as a Social Constructionist’: A Conversation with Myra J. Hird.” Stream: Culture/Politics/Technology, 1(2): 23-37. Available at:


♦ You can view my unpublished MA thesis entitled “Anatomy of Spectatorship: Tracing the Body in Body Worlds: The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies” here. [Citations]

♦ You can view my unpublished PhD dissertation entitled “Placentations: Agential Realism and the Science of Afterbirths” here.